Sunday, May 18, 2008

First layer...

L - first layer on paper, R - pressed the ink through the mesh making interesting texture after i finished printing

layers on the comp



First layer of my first ever gocco print! So far so good. :}

But I'll have to buy more bulbs and screens, such a shame you can't re-use the bulbs...


Going to these tomorrow if the weather is good...

Kimono: Osaka's Golden Age at the Immigration Museum in Melbourne
Illuminated manuscripts from Cambridge, Australia and New Zealand at the State Library of Victoria

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Friday, May 02, 2008




Autumn has come and quickly gone, the strong Antarctic winds are making Melbournian drawing fingers numb. But at least summer is gone (I really am a winter kinda gal).

The crickets have been chirping around here lately... but I promise there are good gocco-y poster-y things to come! ;}

For now a few nice things to share with you all...

* Lovely Jessica and Nancy of modamuse featured me in their blog. Click here to view the post... thanks girls!

* Just swung by Borders today and saw a copy of the beautiful Curvy 5 book. It features lots of great International and Aussie female artists and there's a little interview with me in there too! It's the first time for me to see the book (I was flu-y the night of the launch and couldn't make it) and was totally taken by surprise when I saw they used my patterns as endpapers. Hehe I totally squeaked when I first noticed it, gawd I'm such a dork.

* THE ultimate Bento box blog...

* Hannah Whitaker has quite the eye...