Sunday, February 15, 2009

Victorian Bushfires

A little more than one week from Black Saturday...

This is by far the worst natural disaster that has occured in our little state of Victoria. Many towns, homes and businesses have been lost so I would encourage everyone to please make donations to the cause through the Red Cross.

Donations can also be made to RSPCA Victoria who are caring for pets, wildlife and livestock currently affected by Victoria's bushfires.

And remember: it'll only take a few seconds and every little bit counts!

RIP the Hermocillas.


nancicomansi said...

very emotional!!!
Thank you!

robot said...

i missed ya m8! i LOVE your elly yap logo. you're a symmetry wizard! xxxx ricky

ellyy said...

Aw thanks for the toadlove Ricky! :)