Friday, April 17, 2009

Post No. 150!






Here are some sneak peek details of a large poster I've been working on...
150 posts... hopefully by the 151st I'll have some sitting pretty in my shop!

I took advantage on online Easter book sales and ordered this book.

I know patience is a virtue... but hurry up and get here already! Please?


Caroline said...

Gorgeous colors! It seems like an incredibly intricate cross-stitch..

~leão said...
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~leão said...

I'm a brazilian fashion student and i must say that i love your blog. It helped me a lot in my creative process. I love everything you post and i love the serene quality of your pictures, so please carry on with the good lovely work.
Kisses from Brazil :*

Piximilian said...

Just had to let you know ~ I am loving your work... It is beautiful. I recently added some images from your 'Wild Things' series to my blog

This one your working on now looks great, look forward to seeing more of your stuff.


wide open spaces said...

these are stunning, really.

Fine Little Day said...

Kaleidoscopic, I like.

Melissa said...

Hey Elly,
your work is amazing, ive had the work you did for Yen framed and hung on my wall for months now without even knowing who the artist was! I recently bothered to find out because im going to get a tattoo on the back of my neck sort of like the designs youve done here.
We should collaborate in a few years!

missrantsypants said...

reminds me of snowflakes.

simple things said...

these are awesome!