Tuesday, October 31, 2006

The Bleuberries

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I was working on these little guys today, I think i'll call them the bleuberries because they look a little bleu/rasp/straw/boysen/cranberry-ish.

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(top right two)
are best friends

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(5th row, 2nd from left)
regional manager of the bleuberries (the boss)

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(5th row, 1st from left)
assistant regional manager of the bleuberries (2nd in command)

Happy Lollyween!


lilly piri said...

hehe so cute. and pretty.

we didnt get any trick or treaters so GUESS who's eating all the candy?


elly yap said...

thanks lilo! the colours are nqr right now tho. :P

we didn't get trick or treaters either, it's not really an aussie holiday i guess? also our gate is closed all the time and our doorbell doesn't work, so good luck to those kids who want to try and jump over our pointy fence!

lilly piri said...

haha and i bet if they made it over the fence, maggie would lick them to death!

lilly piri said...

actually you are making a good point. i dont know how it is in america, but if i trick or treated here i'd have to walk down many dark pathways to get to front doors or open gates that could belong to yards with giant savage dogs in them. O.O

Hazelnut said...

They make me think of banknotes. Is there where you get the texture from? again, the colours are great!

elly yap said...

hazelnut - hi and thanks! nope i don't get the textures from banknotes, although i do love the different colours/designs of local and foreign money! the texture came from brown wrapping paper. :}