Thursday, October 18, 2007

New website!

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket


Some quick news... I finally uploaded my website!

I'm no web designer so if anyone happens to find sneaky stickybeaky broken links please let me know! :}


maditi said...

looks fabulous :)

michelle said...

I like it so much! nice going.

Miho Sakato said...

so beatiful! I like it.

elly yap said...

thanks ladies!

maditi, can't wait for those snow pics. ;}

peacay said...

Very nice.
May I make a little suggestion?

"All images on this site are © Eleanor Yap. Do not use without her permission."

What about..

"Please don't use them without asking for permission first."

I'm not trying to give you a lesson in manners. I understand why you write it the way you do. But as someone who is a web and image junkie, it seems to me that the more forceful the sign, the less people are likely to cooperate. They might see your sign and go: "F You"

You can't actually stop people taking images. The only way to prevent that is by not posting them online in the first place.

Even on the web, a little bit of friendliness goes a long way.


elly yap said...

Thanks Peacay. :)

Yeah I know what you mean, I'll be putting a please in front of the 'do not'.

Thank you for pointing it out because to be honest I wasn't even thinking about that when I put it there. I happened to see it on another website and quickly copy-pasted it in there cause I forgot to put a copyright message somewhere on my site.

peacay said...

I think these modern times on the web let people move away from anachronistic legal phraseology. A lot of people write the same sort of thing in just plain or humorous language which is good to see. It's also a netiquette thing - the more people that do things in a reasonable way (I'm not trying to imply you did anything unreasonable - I suspected it was a bit more automatic than considered) then the better off we all are and of course it just makes the web a little nicer!

donna said...

it looks beautiful!! .. and there seems to be a lot of work on there that i haven't seen before, so that was nice to find :)
i particularly like the sketch boxes!
and i meant to say the other day that i loved the patterns you made for the dhini collection..
i just wish the photos of the dresses on her site were bigger so i could see them better... they look so good!

elly yap said...

Thanks donna! Many people have been saying this (about the pics of the dress being too small). I'll see if I can post a bigger version of the shots. :)

How many crepes did you eat in Paris???

donna said...

haha, not enough! i was only there 3 days.. so, only three crepes. and lots of hot chocolate.