Saturday, November 17, 2007

Random and Weird

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We went to the Lotus Garden, but I'll share more photos tomorrow when I get them all uploaded!


I was tagged by Bibbi yesterday and will follow these rules...

1. Link to your tagger and post these rules on your blog.

2. Share 5 facts about yourself on your blog, some random, some weird.

3. Tag 5 people at the end of your post by leaving their names as well
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Hehe ok... so 5 facts...

1. I work better at night and during winter. Night, because it's darker and I'm easily distracted by things in my peripheral vision during the day. Winter, because I don't feel like a sweaty pile of goop. And I like the sensation of drawing with frosty finger tips and socks on my feet.

2. 98% of the time I draw/design on the floor, not sitting at a table.

3. Pet peeve: When I hear/see people complaining about global warming while nursing a cigarette between their fingers. I know, it's not cool to get all preachy. But c'mon smokers, cigarettes don't pop out of nowhere. How do you think they get rolled and packaged? And don't get me started on people who flick their butts on the sidewalk... anyway moving on...

4. I could happily watch episodes of Iron Chef (Japan) and So You Think You Can Dance all day.

5. I obsessively collect images of Wagashi from the net.


Jenny, Ah-Yi, Rirry san, Catherine the Goof, Kat... tag, you're it!


kat heyes said...

thanks for the tag, though I'm so rubbish at blogging am thinking about quitting eek!
you are so right about me posting a messy pic of my studio, though i am such a perfectionist i can't bring myself to do it (ahh theres fact no. 1!) it does give people the wrong impression though cos i am a little on the messy side to say the least! I'm forever making a big mess and then taking ages to tidy up, or as fred calls it - rearranging.
you made me laff at the peripheral vision and thing i could never use heat as an excuse not to work - so wish i could!
100% of the time I draw on the floor, i cant draw as well at a table!
totally agree with you about the smoking though try not to make myself unpopular and speak about it loudly in public places.
i could happily watch strictly come dancing all day! sort of snap!
i'd never heard of wagashi before but they are amazing, what are you going to do with all the images?
been interesting having a nosy, especially as I am trying to occupy myself while 3 boys are sleeping off their hangovers in various positions around the flat!

Bibbi said...

Enjoyed reading about you, and thank you for beautiful stressed mind soothing Wagashi film. And lotuses, want to see more!

elly yap said...

Hehe Kat you're not rubbish at blogging! You have so much to share visually and story-wise I would be sad to see you leave the blogisphere! Haha you know what, I'm the biggest hypocrite cause I can't bring myself to take photos of my mess either.
So glad to hear you're a pile-r/rearranger... I tend to tell myself that I'm make a functional piles of things. :P
I'd be interested to find out how many people do their work on the floor and not on the table. I don't see how people can work hunched over like that!
I'm collecting images because I want to do a series of prints inspired by Wagashi, so really just collecting them as a visual reference.
I hope one of these days we get to have a cuppa tea together and I hope the boys are feeling better!

Bibbi thank you so much for tagging me! Hehe it was my first tag ever. :)

lilly piri said...

awwww do i hafta?!

gosh, you kow what annoys me? smokers who wear PERFUME! WHYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY? i mean, there is no point because as soon as they smoke a ciggie, all anyone else can smell is cigarette smoke and ash. & i know this because an ex classmate would wear stinky perfume to school and then after tea break all she would smell like is cigarettes.

elly yap said...

Hey I never thought about it like that before! Maybe they like the idea of smelling like a flowery volcano? When I was staying in Florence it always smelt like smoke in the city center cause pretty much everyone smoked there.