Monday, March 17, 2008




Ampalaya seeds (I think in English it's called bitter melon?) that my dad is trying to dry before planting. After his lemon tree failed (somehow it got taken over by mum's tomato plant) I think he's really determined to make something of his own work in the garden. The colour is exactly how they look in real life (I barely played with these on Photoshop) and as they dry the fleshy salmon skin turns deep blood red.


I'm spending easter holidays in Tasmania so, there's a fair bit of quick packing to do, but I just wanted to thank everyone for all the lovely comments here and on flickr about my prints. Special thanks goes out to sweet Maditi for her very helpful advice! :)


Things that have inspired me this/last week...

Charming (and slightly frightening) old Japanese toy designs via Bibliodyssey

BibliOdyssey: Amazing Archival Images from the Internet also via Bibliodyssey

Nocturne, stunning prints of shadow and light that lurks in the night by Ah-yi

Elka I, Elka II, mind-blowing colour and composition by Michelle Armas via The Shiny Squirrel

Staircase bookcase via lovely Vic... the plaidaholic!


Amy said...

Hello :)

I've just stumbled into your blog and am very pleased that I did. Your patterns are mesmerising. Congratulations on your new prints!

I hope you don't mind but I've added you to my blog links so that I can come back and visit later.

Amy x.

mansuetude said...

beautiful. interesting. fascinating to me.

i have never seen this shape fruit! its like watching nature tv. :)

looks almost like it was taken from a secret world inside the body, a nice body. thanks.

enjoy your trip.

Jessica said...

these photos are fantastic- thank you for the wonderful shout via your blog today.

I loved the images you posted.

Amy said...

Oddly enough, they look a lot like king crab legs!

sulu-design said...

Gorgeous images! And so glad that you linked to Michelle Armas's work - she's a lovely artist. Enjoy a wonderful holiday away!

ellyy said...

Amy - Thank you! I'm more than happy for you to link me, and I will too. You blog is wonderful!

Jessica - I'm glad you like the photos. And how could I not shout out Michelle's work... it's too beautiful to resist. :)

amy - Now that I look at them again I totally agree. Although... they taste pretty awful compared to crab legs. Sans shell of course! ;)