Monday, July 02, 2007


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Happy belated Birthday to our little chuppy Maggie!

I can't believe you're already 1, and we've owned you for almost a year. I know you can't read, let alone operate a mouse, but thank you thank you thank you for bringing us so much joy. :}

Aw, isn't she cute?


helle said...

Happy Birthday Maggie. Is she a whippet?

Espii said...

I wandered across this blog by chance one day while boredly entering random things into Google, and man this stuff is gorgeous. I'm not really an art junkie or anything, being from the southern US, but I do know pretty when I see it.

I'll add this to my favorites.=]

Espii said...

Oh and happy birthday! << Forgot that bit...

elly yap said...

Thanks helle, we think she's a whippet crossed with greyhound. When we went to her breeder last year my dad said Maggie's father looked too big to be a whippet.

Hehe thanks espii! Don't worry about the art junkie thing, the great thing about art is that everyone can appreciate it wherever they're from. And Maggie sends her thanks. :}

true nature said...

wow! your puppy is AMAZING! i have a big crush on greyhounds...but i think your mix just stole first place. what a pretty!!

ps, those surroundings look mighty lovely too....what are you drawing? ;)

elly yap said...

hehe thanks jenny, if maggie could blush i'm sure she would be now. :}

this photo was taken when i was doing exhibition preparations which the drawings were used for!

Lara said...

Hey! Cute blog and I like your artwork. And cute dog too - what is she? Some sort of whippety greyhoundy thing? Mmm you can tell I know all about dogs ;)

Thanks for your lovely comment on my blog by the way! I remember my dad telling me that saying "blue and green should never be seen without a colour in between". Lies!

Anyway will come back to your blog again soon :) Take care.

donna said...

happy birdee maggie!
she really is an amazing looking dog,
i love her long face and ears.

elly yap said...

Thanks Lara! Don't worry, I don't know much about other dog breeds even though I own one. We think she's a whippet cross greyhound.

I don't understand why they say blue and green... I mean surely it should be blue and fluro orange. Then again even with a colour in between that combo would still remain hideous. :P

Thanks Donnat! Her ears aren't always perked up like that btw, I think on that day she was really alert for some reason. :}

cruststation said...

Happy birthday Maggie!

michelle said...

Oh, how sweet! she is very, very cute indeed.

comfies said...

these pics are ADORABLE, love them. and love your blog!!