Sunday, July 08, 2007


Hm, does anyone reading this own a Gocco?

Maybe I'm just slow but it took me a while to figure out how a Gocco worked. When someone explained to me (before I'd even seen a picture of one) that it was a 'plastic box that lights up and makes instant prints' I was left even more confuddled.

I'm happy to say that this Gocco video makes sense and has pretty much convinced me to start scouring the almighty ebay for a Gocco of my own... ;}


cruststation said...

This is a great video Elly, I've seen the machine in pictures but not in action -thank you for the insight. I want one too :)

Rodrigo said...

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Lara said...

Cool video! Very handy for explaining the process :) I have a gocco and love it (although don't use it as much as I should). You can actually get new gocco machines from Eckersleys in the city - that's where I got mine. I've got the PG-11 which is handy because it has a registration plate which makes it easy to do multiple screen prints, and also you can move the print bed around. Hard to explain, but they can show you in the store :)

elly yap said...

No worries cruststation! I think watching the video probably makes people want a gocco even more. :P

Thanks for the tip Lara! :}

I went to Eckersleys in Prahran today and they had PG-11 and PG-5 and a good about of stock of Gocco accessories too! I'm still trying to decide between the B6 and PG-11... why oh why Riso decided to keep the
PG-11 an A5 only print system I will never know.