Sunday, July 01, 2007

'Planet Earth' exhibition at Off the Kerb

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For the last month I've been excited and super busy working on my first mini solo exhibition (which is also why I haven't been posting as much).

It opened just last Friday and there was a great turnout! Two very talented Aussie artists (Steve Rosendale and Kim Winton) are also exhibiting in the other two rooms at the mo so if you feel like an art fix is just the thing to distract you from the gloomy Melbourne weather here are the details for the show:

'Planet Earth' (June 22 - July 20)
Off the Kerb Gallery
Address - 66B Johnston St, Collingwood
Phone - 0400 530 464
Email -

All prints are limited editions of 3 and prices are very reasonable ($20-$70AU), so if you're interested in purchasing pieces please call or email Off the Kerb Gallery.

More info on the exhibition is here & to see more work from the show click here (b/w words) & here (colour works). Pics from the exhibition can be found here. :}


lilly piri said...

oh elly!!! congratulations :) i'm so proud of you! i wish i could go see the exhib (you better take some photos :D). the black and white pieces are wonderfully sensitive & delicate. i don't remember seeing b&w from you before. this one is my fave:

elly yap said...

Thanks lil! I will send you a b&w one in the next care package. ;}

I'm gonna be back at the gallery this weekend so expect pics soon for sure!

donna said...

congratulations about the show,
that is great! wish i could see these things in person.
this one is beautiful, such amazing colours,
& i second lilly, i love those black and whites.

elly yap said...

thanks donna! :}

cruststation said...

Congrats on your solo exhibition, your work is wonderful, love the b&w too, but your colour works are also great! You planning on getting your pattern designs on fabric or wallpaper/wrapping paper?

elly yap said...

Thanks cruststation, that means a lot to me coming from you. :}

I would love to do fabric, wallpaper and wrapping paper if my budget allowed it. I did some freelance work with an Aussie fashion designer but I have to wait till it's released in stores before I can post about it here.

I'm not sure if my work would translate to wallpaper though... surely it would drive some people a little loopy? :P